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walk-in art projects

MADE: my art + design experience is an art studio where anyone can walk in to create beautiful, functional art projects. not just for artists- this is for everyone. all ages, all skill levels, all people! the studio offers pottery and canvas painting, mosaics, wet clay and private pottery wheel lessons as well as special workshops, adult nights, and after school/summer drop-off programs. we have all the tools you need to create something unique and special. MADE: my art + design experience is great for all ages and all skill levels.


no reservations required*. just walk in, make art, have fun and get hooked.


*reservations are recommended for groups of 6 or more.


step one: select a piece
we have over 300 different pieces of bisqueware to choose from ranging in price from $10 to $100 with something for everyone- mugs, plates, frames, banks, boxes and more! we are always getting new items in so there is always something fresh to paint!

step two:  choose a design
our design center is full of idea books, silk screens, and everything else you need to help you create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  we also carry over 70 colors of paint including specialty paints and chalkboard glaze.

step three: create you masterpiece
relax in our comfortable studio and let the creative juices flow.  our amazing and knowledgeable staff will give you as much (or as little) attention as you need to complete your project.  your glazed and fired piece will be ready to pick up in one week.


Select a mosaic surface, some tesserae (tiles) and get creating! We have a large selection of surfaces including plaques, mirrors, trivets, frames and tables. We also have a huge selection of tiles! We really love mosaics because they always look professional and high end when they are completed. Please allow one week for your project to be grouted and finished. We also have grout-to-go kits available to take home in the event you would like to "make-and-take" your piece and finish it independently.



canvas painting

creating a work of art is easy at MADE art studio! choose your 16x20 or 12x12 design from over 30 different designs or paint your own unique design. start with a blank canvas, use the pattern provided to transfer the design, and follow the step-by-step illustrated instructions to create your masterpiece.

wet clay


tues, wed, thurs, fri (No weekends)

handbuilding, or sculpture, is a fun way of working with clay. use our cookie cutters, stamps, letters and other clay tools to create your own masterpiece! leave your sculptures with us for a first firing, which takes 2-3 weeks, and then come back to paint your handMADE pottery.  wet clay is sold by the pound and there is an additional fee for paint and a second firing.

call us to schedule a clay sculpting session: 914-341-1922



want to learn more?

thanks for reaching out!

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