scout activities

MADE offers several opportunities for scouts to fulfill badge requirements. in addition to our badge-focused packages,

we offer scouting troops a 15% discount* when they book a party package at the studio.


*discount not applied to rates below

courageous and strong petal: we’ll read the book the mermaid mia and the royal visit. the troop leader will lead a short discussion of the story. each girl will paint a pottery mermaid. $25.50


use resources wisely petal: girls should bring jewelry pieces they no longer wear and we will use them to make a new bracelet. the studio will supply additional materials needed to string new bracelets. $22.50


outdoor art maker badge: make a colorful painting outdoors, a colorful maraca and a “leave no trace” picture. $24.50

potter: learn about clay and take a clay quiz, see how a potter’s wheel works (demonstration), make and glaze a clay pinch pot and a 3-d tile. $33. add throw a pot on the wheel for an additional $8 per person.


painting: learn basic painting techniques. 

make an abstract background based on your feelings, use a mirror to draw and paint a selfie, and then add the final layer of decorative painting without brushes. $30

outdoor art creator: meet with an artist who creates from outdoor items and discuss. make and frame a leaf rubbing, a wind chime and a nature drawing. $28.50

comic artist: collect comics to discuss. use your own ideas to sketch your characters, frame your characters into action and add words to make your own comic strip. $34


book artist: learn the parts of a book’s binding and interior. make a journal using the fold and stitch method and learn how to make a book from a sheet of paper. $35


woodworker: make a design with nails on wood and turn it into string art. learn how to use a level, different screwdrivers and make a small project using a saw. $37

outdoor art apprentice: learn about an artist inspired by the outdoors. create with clay, write a nature-inspired poem or lyrics, and make a suncatcher. $37

collage artist: create a collage pendant with stones in shades of any color and a cubomania collage, that represents you or something important to you. make a resin pendant collage using our found objects. $35


room makeover: bring your ideas- pictures from magazines, pinterest or drawings for your inspiration board. paint a wood name/word hanger, decorated with refurbished hardware, and make a mini canvas and easel. $38


textile artist: sew a felt cell phone holder, a make a woven wall hanging, and learn to finger-knit a scarf. $42


science of style: make a skincare item with essential oil, learn about gemstone quality, make two pieces of jewelry to go with the same outfit, one will be with re-used materials. $38


program length approximately 75 minutes


program length approximately 1 hour 45 mins


program length approximately 2 hours


program length approximately 2 hours 30 mins


program length approximately 2 hours 30 mins

drawing: experiment with different materials. add shading and perspective. use a graphic arts technique to create your own canvas painting. $31.50


jeweler: learn about jewelry making tools, make a metal stamped charm, and then make and bake beads out of polimer clay. $30


outdoor art creator: sculpt your own wildlife and make a clay impression backpack hanger. make a rain stick. design a piece of outdoor art. $32

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