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do you enjoy fast paced, creative environments? do you understand how to offer premium customer service while fostering creativity in others? are you flexible and willing to contribute to your team of coworkers? at MADE we are always looking for team members who can help us grow.


from kid's parties and large scale workshops, to busy holidays in the studio and mountains of amazing customer creations, we offer a multitude of artistic mediums and classes. we want new team members who are energetic, outgoing mutli-taskers unafraid of a challenge. we are always looking to foster learning and upwards mobility within our team. 

if you think you would be a good fit at MADE, submit your application here:


please note:

applications must be completed fully to be considered for employment.
applicants must be able to commit to at least three shifts each week, including one weekend day. 
MADE does not hire seasonally. all applicants must be able to commit to 1 year.

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