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custom art

low on time or or not feeling confident in your artistic abilities? let our talented staff create a custom piece of art for you. our trained artists can create a unique custom piece to meet your needs, including:

  • school fundraiser/auction pieces

  • wedding invitation platters

  • holiday plates

  • handprints + foodprint platters

  • custom lettering

  • and more!

custom orders usually take around 2 weeks to complete

contact us for more info or to schedule an appointment:

914-341-1922 or e-mail

have a project in mind but you're not sure what tools you need to execute it? give us a call or just pop in and we'll help you get started in creating whatever project you want.  drawing, hand lettering, resin art, watercolor painting, fashion design, 3D sculpture, mixed media collage, art journaling... we can help you find a way! prices vary. private lessons available.



want to learn more?

thanks for reaching out!

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