we are happy to offer scout badge kits and live virtual instruction

so your troop can continue to meet and work together from the safety of their own homes.

note: these classes will NOT be held in our studio. we will be hosting virtual classes via Zoom.


program length approximately 1 hour

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courageous and strong petal: we’ll read the book the mermaid mia and the royal visit. the troop leader will lead a short discussion of the story. each girl will paint a pottery mermaid. $25

kit includes: one mermaid figurine, paint, brushes, one hour instruction via Zoom

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program length approximately 1 hour 30 mins

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painting: learn basic painting techniques. 

make an abstract background based on your feelings, use a mirror to draw and paint a selfie, and then add the final layer of decorative painting without brushes. $28.50

kit includes: 2 pieces of mixed media paper, canvas board, paint, brushes, and texture material, 1.5 hour instruction via Zoom

students will need: pencil, eraser, scissors, glue, mirror

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program length approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

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drawing: experiment with different materials. add shading and perspective. use a graphic arts technique to create your own canvas painting. $28.50

kit includes: 3 piece of mixed media paper, perspective worksheet, shading worksheet, 1.5 hours instruction via Zoom

students will need: pencil, eraser, crayon, scissors

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program length approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

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comic artist: collect comics to discuss. use your own ideas to sketch your characters, frame your characters into action and add words to make your own comic strip. $26

kit includes: instruction via zoom

students will need: paper, pencil, eraser

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outdoor art apprentice: learn about an artist inspired by the outdoors. create with clay, write a nature-inspired poem or lyrics, and make a suncatcher. $36

kit includes: polymer clay, suncatcher plaque, glass tiles, glue

students will need: paper, pencil

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